Solar Energy

What is solar power and why it is so popular?

The earth at present requires huge amounts of energy. Most of the energy is required for various types of activities from day to day. Generation of electricity, power for running various heavy and small scale industries, fuel for vehicles, all of these are energy sources without which life on earth would come to a standstill. However, all of these energy sources, although of the conventional form, get depleted with each passing day. The sources are present in a limited scale and are bound to get extinguished someday. However, with progress in technology, humans have been able to harness and generate other non conventional sources of power. Chief among these has been solar energy, and the obvious question that strikes minds is, ‘What is solar power?’

Non conventional sources:

Non conventional sources of energy are being harnessed these days, as alternative sources of power to the normal sources of power that exist. People of late have come to realize that these sources can be something that can be of help in the near future. Some of the common non conventional sources are solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, tidal energy, etc. Although most of these energy sources are in their nascent stage, one among them has reached a more advanced stage and even been implemented on a large basis.

So what is solar power?

The earth receives ample sunshine in various places. These sun rays are basically a form of energy and if trapped can be put to use. Scientists working on new technologies, over the years, have come out with photovoltaic cells, also called as solar panels. These panels when exposed to sunlight are capable of trapping the sunlight and further, converting this trapped energy to electricity. This can further be used to light up homes and put to use for, the very same purposes that normal electric power does.

Why solar power is so popular?

These solar panels have becoming very popular too, over the years. Many places on earth, which receive well or even, fair amounts of sunlight, are opting for this kind of energy. There are many villages and towns, at present, that have built solar fields consisting of thousands of solar panels and this is used to provide energy to the entire town. Small cities that have implemented and switched to solar power are being called solar cities. Even big industrial plants have implemented or attributed a part of their energy consumption to solar power.

Individuals can also install solar panels on the rooftop of their houses. This can be used to power the house. Solar power also goes an extra step in saving your expensive electricity bills.

Although many people are confused with regard to what is solar power or if they are value for money, it has been noticed that solar power is a good alternative and might as well be the future. Governments and organizations over the world are looking at solar energy to come out big and fulfill the power demands that will rise in the future. Therefore, it is certain that solar energy has a mighty big role to play.