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Some Solar Power Facts You Didn’t Know About

Right from school days, it is known that the sun is the primary source of energy, one of many reasons why earth can sustain life on its surface. It takes only about 8 minutes and 20 seconds for the rays of the sun to reach the earth.  In both size and brightness, the sun holds a position of prominence amongst others in the Milky Way galaxy! And being so human, developing photo voltaic plates to tap the sun’s energy for solar power didn’t take long! Use of solar energy was conceptualized back in the 15th century during Da Vinci times. For more solar power facts stay tuned!

Facts to consider for your big change!

  • Solar energy has zero production cost.
  • Costs are incurred only while tapping it for your use.
  • It is renewable, clean and a natural source of power.
  • The big shift as a solar power user will cut down your electric bills by 7%.

Facts to support the big shift!

Some numerical truths remain that the sun sends 120,000 tetra watts of energy on the earth daily. For an entire year only 15 tetra watts of energy is consumed by the world. Can you afford to waste the rest?? As a matter of fact only 0.01 % of the energy produced by the sun’s nuclear fusions is enough to satisfy all needs of the entire earth’s population! More light needs to be drawn on other bewildering solar power facts to educate and encourage people like you to make the big shift!

For daily doses of electricity, lighting up homes and offices, some countries have made some significant progress. Countries like Italy, US, Germany & Japan extract almost 2 % of their energy needs from solar power. One of the interesting solar power facts remain that they have done all this within a span of few years!

Is moving towards solar power a pricy affair??

Well, no! Apart from spending on buying the solar panels and their installations, not must costs are to be incurred!  Fact remains that the returns on investments are huge! With government rebates and incentives on use of solar power, you can always think of the big shift! Recently price cuts on solar devices have been observed with more and more people opting for them. You can put a ban on your increasing amount of total subsides payable for use of fossil fuels!

Are solar power devices equally efficient??

Use of solar energy to power space ships in space missions has started since nineteen fifties! None of the other solar power facts can be more assuring than this one, hopefully shutting down all your doubts about how improved and efficient solar devices are! The largest solar plant has been built in California with area coverage of almost 1000 acres! The early birds reap maximum. For budding entrepreneurs who wish to start a good life, a good business and end up with good returns, here is a chance to put some free energy sources to use!