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How solar power can be used for in our daily lives?

Solar power can actually be used to power a lot of day to day items you might not be aware of! Some of most common daily use items are solar cooker, solar water heaters,  inverters, furnaces, solar panels, solar chargers, solar cells, solar powered calculators, refrigerators and if you have, your solar car too. In your vicinity, solar traffics lights, road signs, street lights are common these days. Switching over to renewable sources of energy is an excellent way to cut down on energy consumptions from other sources.  So what is solar power equivalent to?? Well, the answer is savings!

How solar devices work?                                                      

There is a basic principle to most of the solar devices – they utilize the conversion of thermal to electrical or mechanical energy. This can be commonly observed in a solar cooker! The solar cooker is kept under strong sunlight, the photo voltaic plates absorb the energy and starts heating up! This heat is well channelized through solar cells which convert it into electric energy and in the entire process your vegetables get boiled!

What is solar power??

Generation of power or electric current by using the thermal energy of the sun is called solar power. It is renewable, environment friendly, clean and cheap resource that can lighten up many lives! The science behind it is bit complicated where mostly it is the play of photons and excitons.  Silicon plates are used to trap maximum sunlight. This creates electron hole pairs which are separated on opposite ends and collected as current or power. The modern day photovoltaic cells can split up water directly into its basic components upon exposure to sunlight!

How is solar power measured?

You need a measurement statistics to keep a check on how useful your solar devices are to you? How to do that? Solar power is measured in ‘Btu’ and the ‘Btu’s are measured as the amount of sun energy needed to heat a pound of water at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. To make it simple and digestible to you, let’s say it is the total amount of kilowatt hour produced by the panel.

To give an estimate of the kilowatt hour used over a year in a household, a figure of eight thousand kilowatt hours can be quoted for a year! However, it totally depends on your usage and appliances! According to the market, with more awareness and people shifting towards use of such devices and panels, rebates & subsidies have been offered from the government. Generally, the meters used to measure as to how much power has been consumed, functions bi-directionally.

Other not so conventional uses

Answering the question as to what is solar power needed for might include some of the not so common uses. For example, use of solar panels fitted boats during vacation trips can help you with charging twelve volt batteries, sun energy powered parking meter at car parks, movable panels fitted generators etc.  The storage facility that normally will help you use sun power even during nights is a hydro storage! The solar cells are very sensitive to the amount and intensity of sunlight received and accordingly affects storage. With one hour of bright sunlight, at least many hours of service is guaranteed.