Solar photovoltaic energy

Why Solar Photovoltaic energy is so popular today?

What do you mean by solar photovoltaic? What benefits can be obtained through solar photovoltaic energy? It is widely used in solar panel as well as solar calculators that functions properly without any use of batteries. It can perform well with proper use of solar power and helps to convert light into energy which is further being used by human in different forms. It is an alternate form of energy that needs to be implemented in one’s life to make your life easier. With effective installation of solar panels, you can possibly reduce electricity bills.

Advantages of solar PV

One of the important advantages that can be enjoyed by you once installed at home is to reduce the misuse of energy and also cut cost on your household expenses. Though, initial investment can be expensive, but there is no operational and maintenance cost involved.

Another benefit is that you get access to an alternate source of energy that helps to sell excess energy to national grid. This system is easily available in market and act as a useful device which is within budget of every citizen that easily fulfills your energy need.

Solar photovoltaic energy is promoted among people as they are 100% pollution free. They are not responsible for producing any harmful gas that can create adverse effect on lives of people. You just need to identify a good place in your home for proper installation of system so that the sunlight direly falls on device and generate energy.

Different types of PV panels

There are two different types of solar PV panels available and they make use of crystalline silicone technology. These crystalline silicone panels are divided into different types such as Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline.

  • Monocrystalline:

It makes use of a single silicone crystal. They are responsible for absorbing more energy that finally helps to produce electricity. These cells will be visible as solid dark color. It is an expensive form that can also create carbon emission.

  • Polycrystalline:

It is the cell that makes use of numerous crystals in each cell. They are in multi-color metal flake or available in mosaic style. It is quite a good balance that offers benefits in regard to cost and performance.

Thin film cell

This is a technology than is new to that of crystalline silicon cell. It is made through the deposition of thin layer of amorphous silicon or photovoltaic material. It is available at a cheaper price and appears to be highly flexible. But, it is not as efficient as that of crystalline cells. It is in need of much roof space compared to a traditional crystalline panel.

Performs well in energy efficient home

Solar photovoltaic energy is produced through radiation that happens through sun’s ray. It is an energy that is generated through cells and it depends on type of cell available in panel. Solar performs well in energy efficient building. There are some of the measures that need to be adopted to make your home energy efficient such as insulation, seal cracked windows and check the air tightness as this will help you reduce electricity bills and make use of PV system.