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What are solar panels and how to choose solar panel installer?

Solar panels are powerful applications that convert light energy into electrical energy. The name solar panel is used interchangeably with photovoltaic cells and this panel has a lot of solar cells inside it. The aim is to trap as much solar power as possible. A lot of light hits the cell and electricity is produced. These panels are used in residential and commercial buildings for a fast and convenient source of electricity. Recently they have begun to be used in space craft too. So a good solar panel installer is required.

What is the efficiency of these solar panels?

DSI solar panels will have to convert about 22% of available solar energy into electrical energy in order to be termed efficient. In residential homes; a lower quality panel is used which has a conversion ratio of only 14%. Considering the huge amount of insolation (solar radiance) emitted by the sun, this amount is considered to be sufficient. There is an iron propulsion bar inside solar panel which is put inside in the solar panel installation process. This makes the entire system very efficient.

How is energy converted?

Mostly the composition is made of solar cells which are nothing but a tiny disk made up of silicon (semi conductor). A wire connects the semiconductor disc to a pre-configured circuit. When light hits the semi conductor it’s instantly forms electrical energy that flows down smoothly through the circuit wires. The process continues till source of solar power (daylight) exists. As evening descends the process stops automatically. In comparison to non renewable energy applications, the panels are quite hardy and the total efficiency goes down by a mere 2% annually. However in case a residential home has these applications, they need to be protected against occasional solar flares and micro-meteorites.

Industrial giants using solar energy to fuel businesses

Giants like Walmart, Kohl departmental stores, Johnson and Johnson and bed and bath use solar energy to fuel their business. Apart from this FedEx, general food, Dow Jones, ToyRUs and Crayola use solar panel installation to run their electricity requirements in business.

These corporate together use up to 48 million dollar worth of solar energy induced electricity every year. Apart from this Apple, Bloomberg, Loreal, stop and shop and tiffany also use solar panel installer in their global offices. The cost of installation and price of application still remains the deterring factor in case of the average homeowner who wishes to invest in solar energy.

How to choose an installer?

If you would like solar panel installation in your home or office then you will have to choose the solar panel installer with a lot of care. Research on the company credentials, staff qualification and the market reputation that a particular enterprise commands before taking on its services. Remember that the solar energy powered applications are highly technical and have high commercial value. Look for an after sales specialised service, a warranty and comprehensive installation service before you agree to pay the bill. Most solar panels will run at more than 90% efficiency even after 6 years of continuous usage.