solar panel installers

Where can you find trained solar panel installers?

With non renewable energy sources going scarce and costly, are you looking for information on the alternatives?  Solar panels are available in various sizes and price points to suit your needs. The installation charges are generally inclusive! New technology and not very regular yet, like it is not a ‘can’t go without’ thing in every home!  So know your requirement, get hold of the ideal sized panel and choose accordingly the solar panel installers!

What to be sure about your installers?

Solar panels are consumer durables & people don’t buy such things every month. It is a decision that is taken wisely considering long term use, efficiency, and returns. So it is advisable to consider multiple opinions and beware of misleading sales people. Getting hold of trained solar panel installers is easy as you can always ask your dealers to help you out with that, however, check their certification before putting them on work!

Solar panel providers mostly help their customers through the installation process as well. Since it is quite new both in concept and daily usage, stocking it up can be common with dealers! Check the warranty period and after sales services provided by the dealer. And when it comes to installing these onto your roofs, check for the credentials and authenticity of solar panel installers. Also if the dealer agrees to help you install, ask for a deadline to avoid waiting for months! In cases such details aren’t mentioned, don’t forget to take it in writing!

Claims to reject straight away before installing

  • The angle of the sun rays falling onto the roof of your work place or house is a thing to check. Also if it is a cozy place with loads of trees blocking the direct sunlight the efficiency of the solar panels might be questionable.
  • The solar panel installers might try to convince you, claiming their product to be shade resistant, do not listen! During peak sun hours if no direct sun rays are available, installing a solar device is practically useless. The output and returns on your investment might just not be satisfactory enough!
  • Many roof repairing companies have tie ups with dealers supplying solar panels. Claims made by either of them on the product or requirement in the house can be biased & based on their personal tie ups. In such cases, decisions are not to be taken in haste.
  • Installers are known to ask for payments before the actual installation process. Or entire package the dealer charges might include the installation costs. It is advisable to check the details and then make the payments, If possible after satisfactory installation.

How to add more value?

There are certain appliances which claim a lot more energy than other devices. For example, plasma TVs. Opting for solar panels can really help save on electricity bills and be environment efficient. You can maximize its utility by installing only the absolutely necessary electrical devices to generate desired output. Ask the solar panel installers for after installation care and how to maximize its longevity!