solar power home

Basic facts you must know about solar power

Are you fed up of increasing amount on your bills? Want to contribute your share towards saving the environment? Then it’s time for you to resort to solar power for home. With solar power, you can create your own current and reduce your dependency towards the normal source of electricity you use, thereby saving lots of your hard earned money. Continue reading to know more about it.

First question; why you must consider solar power for home? Simply because of the numerous benefits it offers. To start with harnessing solar energy is completely pollution free i.e. production of electricity using solar panels doesn’t emit any greenhouse gases. However, manufacturing and transportation of solar panels does cause some pollution.

Secondly, since solar energy uses the sun as its only source, it is totally renewable, abundant and always available (obviously except during night time!). Whether you are located in some remote island or an urban city, as long as the earth has access to the sun, we can harness solar energy.

Once you install solar panels and solar electric system in your home or office, just forget about it! Yes, you read it correctly! It involves no maintenance from your side. The most you can do is clean it after 4 to 5 months and dust off the collected leaves, if any. Also, the process of harnessing solar energy is totally noise free. This is one of the other reasons so as to why you must consider solar power for home.

But as every other thing has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so does solar power. The whole system occupies a lot of space on your roof, walls or wherever you install them. And if you think that you can put it anywhere then you are wrong! You must take care to set them up in spaces that is not shady and receives maximum sunlight for most parts of the day throughout the year. Pollution, bad and cloudy weather will reduce the overall efficiency of your system. Electricity is produced only during the day time and you need to resort to your conventional system during other parts of the day. You can use storage batteries to conserve power but they are very expensive.

And most importantly, installation of solar panels and the solar electric system is very expensive. And as the size of your system increases, so does the price! But once you install them and start producing your own current, you can recover that amount in no time and saves thousands of your dollars in coming future.

How to sit your system and determine its size? As already mentioned above, the amount of unshaded space on your property that will have unobstructed view of the sun will limit the size. However you can set it up in more than one place or have a community one. Also your budget and energy requirements will contribute in deciding the overall size of your system.

Resorting to solar power for home is a very good choice as you can see the advantages of solar power clearly outweighs the disadvantages. But remember one thing. Obtain an electrical permit as well as building permit before starting with the installation.