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Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Power

Mankind has until recently decided to choose solar power as their source of electricity due to whole list of benefits which they can enjoy by using the solar energy. While determining the solar energy pros and cons one will see that the number of pros is much more than the cons of using solar energy for your house.

Discussing the several advantages of solar energy

  • The source of solar energy is free and will give continuous power supply

This statement is absolutely true. Solar energy comes from sun and is free of cost. You can go on using the rays of the sun after transforming them into electricity as long as you want. Being one of the most used renewable resources the sun provides the mankind with constant solar energy so that it can be used as electricity to run our household appliances.

  • A noiseless green solution which is also very easy to maintain

Solar energy is by far the cleanest form of energy on the face of the earth. Unlike other forms of energy sources namely coal, nuclear power and gas solar energy does not harm the environment by polluting it with smoke and residual substances.

Another benefit under this topic of solar energy pros and cons is that solar energy does not make any sound while converting heat into electricity. It is a completely noiseless procedure.

Solar panels are very easy to maintain. They are mostly kept in places where they can get the rays of the sun in great amount. These places include the roof, backyard, lawn or the garden area of the house.

Keeping solar panels and using them for domestic purpose hardly needs any maintenance. All you have to do is to clean the solar panels so that there are no bird droppings on it. Accumulation of bird droppings can result in the decrease in the efficiency of the solar power system to provide you electricity. Even you are planning to buy second-hand solar panels be rest assured that used solar panels also efficiently converts solar power into electricity though the level of efficiency may be a little less than new solar panels.

  • Electricity can be stored and saved for later use or in times of emergency

You can easily store the extra electricity which is offered to you by the solar panels in batteries. You can get electricity storage facility only with solar power system making it one of the biggest advantages among the various other solar energy pros and cons.

You can easily make some cash by selling the excess electricity to certain selected companies. By using solar energy for home electricity purposes enjoy tax rebates and discounts which are offered by the government.

Stating few of the disadvantages of solar power system

  • Initial set up cost is high

The cost of setting up and installation of solar panels is comparatively high. But once it is installed you do not have to spend another dime on anything else.

  • Solar energy cannot create electricity at night

Solar panels must be charged by the rays of the sun to provide electricity to your house. It is essential to place the solar panels in an area where they will get maximum sunlight. Therefore one of disadvantages out of the several solar energy pros and cons is that solar panels cannot create electricity at night due to the absence of the sun.