Powerplant with photovoltaic panels

How is the solar photovoltaic energy beneficial?

Are fossil fuels, coals and petroleum the only sources to generate electricity? Being unsustainable, non-renewable and most importantly, not being environment friendly, alternatives are required, isn’t it? Come solar photovoltaic energy.

Photovoltaic energy is developed by using solar panels which converts the solar radiations directly into usable electric current. Mentioned below are some of its pros.

What are the advantages of using solar photovoltaic energy?

1.     A renewable source of energy

Unlike fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum, solar energy is a renewable source. That means we cannot simply run out of it, as long as our sun is alive, say for another 6.6 billion years!

2.     Sustainable source

Use it as much as you want. Over-consume it! Yes, you read it correctly! It is a sustainable source as it can meet your demands as well as for the future generations to come. As long as the sun is alive in the solar system, we don’t need to worry about its exhaustion.

3.     Environmental friendly

In past days the trains that used to run on coal engines were a source of air pollution thus leading to climate crisis, isn’t it? Unlike fossil fuels, solar photovoltaic energy is not associated with pollution or environment problems. Electricity generation with photovoltaic panels does not emit any harmful greenhouse gases. It is a much cleaner source.

4.     Availability and abundance

Solar energy is obtainable from all parts of the world. Even the countries those are not closer to the equator, such as Australia can use solar energy to meet its electricity demands.

Do you know that the sun radiates about 120,000 terawatts of energy towards earth? This is actually 20,000 times more than what is required by the entire world! It means that the solar energy is available in abundance in free in all parts of the world.

5.     Low maintenance and operating costs

Very little maintenance and intervention is required by the solar power systems. Also very low operation cost is required in comparison to the other sources.

6.      Silent

Photovoltaic panels have no moving parts and in turn, they are totally silent. No noise is associated with it which is why it is just the right solution for the urban areas and can be used in home applications also.

7.     Has numerous applications

It can be used to serve variety of purposes from power stations on earth to satellites in space. It can also be used in telecommunications and signalling, transportation, integrated or mounted on buildings to meet their electricity demands and in standalone devices such as solar lamps, calculators, parking meters, street lights, traffic signs, water pumps, charging stations and many more.

8.     Reduces electricity costs

Wouldn’t it be great when you will have to pay only a small amount as your electricity bill? With solar panels, you can reduce your overall electricity expenses. How do you do it? You can integrate photovoltaic arrays on the exterior of your buildings or mount on them or install them on the roof tops. With PV panels you can generate your own electricity at a very low cost and save up on the electricity costs. .

With so many benefits, solar photovoltaic energy is the future of electricity generation. Constant advancements are being made to increase the efficiency of solar panels.