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What are the pros and cons of solar energy?

Every other thing in this world has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, isn’t that so? So does solar energy! To know about the solar energy pros and cons, continue reading.

What are the pros?

Reduction in electricity expenses

Are you fed up of the rising power prices and paying large bills? Then it’s time that you switch to solar power. You can use it as an ‘add on’ to your electricity supply, receive bill credits and can also sell the excess electricity that you produce. You can save as much as $100 per month by going solar!

Sustainable and renewable

One of the major problems with fossil fuels is that they are non-renewable and is getting depleted day by day. This isn’t the case with solar power! It is totally renewable, plus we cannot run out of solar energy. As long as the sun is alive, we have access to solar energy.

Abundance and availability

Our earth receives solar radiation in abundance; let’s say 20,000 times more than what we actually require. Also, whether the place is located near the equator or in remote locations, as long as that place receives sunlight (definitely some intensified), it can use solar energy to meet its electricity needs.

Harnessing is pollution free

Harnessing solar energy is totally pollution free. It does not emit any greenhouse gases as in the case of fossil fuels. However, manufacturing of solar panels and transportation & installation solar power systems may lead to emissions.

Zero maintenance and ease of use

This is one of the best advantages of solar power! It requires almost zero maintenance, let’s say just cleaning once in every 5 months and dusting off the collected leaves if any. However, if you are too lazy to that, don’t bother and leave it to Mother Nature.

No noise

Harnessing of solar power is totally noise free is one of the major reasons why you can use it in your homes, offices and in urban areas.


What the cons?


Debate on this topic has been going on as to whether it is really expensive? The answer is that installation of solar electric system is really expensive, and depending on the size of your system, the cost may run up to thousands of dollars. But once you start producing your own current, you can recover that amount in no time and save much more in future!

Space requirements and proper installation

Solar panels can take up lot of space. Plus to receive maximum output, it is necessary that you install these solar panels in a place that receives maximum sunlight during most hours of the day throughout the year.


The efficiency is reduced due to bad and cloudy weather, pollution or nearby shades, which blocks the sunlight.

Expensive storage energy

Electricity can be produced only during the daylight hours. As such batteries are required to meet demands during nighttime, which are expensive.


Stated above is a list of some solar energy pros and cons. But overall, the bottom-line is that the pros outweigh the cons. Once we turn solar, our dependency on fossils for power generation is reduced thereby reducing many problems.