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What you must know before installing solar power for your home?

Have you decided to run your home on solar power? Fed up with the rising energy costs? Before proceeding further, read ahead to know some pre-requisites before installing solar power for your home.

How is it advantageous?

Firstly, you generate your own electricity and thus the amount on your bill is greatly reduced. Plus, it is renewable, safe and reliable. Unlike fossil fuels, the process of electricity generation using solar panels is pollution free. No greenhouse gases are emitted. Also, almost zero maintenance required. Let’s say once you install solar power for your home, you would need to clean the system only once in a few months.

Though the operation cost is very less, the installation cost isn’t! But a onetime investment could save thousands of your dollars in mere future.

What components would be required?

Apart from photovoltaic arrays (which are nothing but lots of solar panels), you would require:

  • An inverter to convert the DC power to AC power,
  • AC and DC disconnects,
  • Production meter (it measures the energy output for the system),
  • Breaker box and utility meter,
  • Wires to connect everything

How to sit your solar electric system?

To get the maximum output and increase the overall efficiency of your electrical system, set up the PV panels in an area which has a clear and unobstructed view of the sun for most of the day. Avoid shading as even minimal shading can affect power production.

You can set them up on your roofs; mount it on the walls, window awnings, car shades or just on the nearby ground. If you are setting them up on a flat surface, make sure to angle them to at least 30˚ using supports and secure those using screws.

How to determine the size of your solar electric system?

The overall size depends on the amount of your electricity usage, space available for set up and most importantly, your budget.

Whether you want to produce 100% of your power, or just a small percentage to cater to some of your basic needs, set up depending on your electricity requirements.

The amount of unshaded space available on your property which receives maximum sunlight during the day and throughout the year will limit the size of the system. However, you can increase the space by setting up in more than more places.

Lastly, keep in mind the budget you plan to stick to.

An important note

Before starting with the installation of solar power for your home, remember to obtain an electrical permit if you are doing it yourself. Even if you have hired a contractor for the task, an electrical permit is required. Similarly, building permits are also required.

After installation steps

Very little maintenance is required post installation. You may choose to wash and clean them after every few months; however climate can tend to take care of this chore. However, brush off the panels if leaves are collected on it.

Keep note of your production by reading the production meter.

The minimum life span of PV panels is 10 years and after its life has expired, you can choose to recycle them.

Apart from catering to your electricity needs and reducing the amount on your bills, solar panels increase the resale value of your house. There is certainly no reason why you mustn’t install solar power for your home. With so many benefits to offer, install them today!