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How easy it is to maintain solar panels annually?

Solar panel fitted daily use devices do not need much maintenance. It is only keeping them dry and moisture free after use that can assure them a twenty five year lifetime, if not more. Solar cookers, watches, calculators, solar water heaters, solar bulbs etc do not incur much maintenance cost as compared to roof top paneling! For houses and offices, with solar pannels in exposed places like roof tops or backyard, it is advisable to keep a few mobile numbers handy! While purchase and installation, ask your installer or dealer to help you out with a company or a person who will be responsible for bi –annual cleaning!

Solar panels get dirty? How?

Bird poop, dust, rain, falling leaves and what not can actually affect the performance of your device. Remember, solar pannels are strong looking sensitive sun light receptors with loads of wiring inside. Too much exposure to moisture and humidity may reduce its life drastically. It is like cleaning your ACs! If done, bi – annually, the solar panels work wonders.

Factors on which maintenance cost varies

Mostly people indulge in solar pannels that come with grid system fittings. These generally do not have hidden costs under the name of maintenance! For off grid paneling systems, it is the batteries that might not last longer than ten years! Yes you read it right! Ten years it is! Long time to even forget you owned one! But once these solar cells lose their life it is better to immediately get them replaced to avoid damage in the hydro storage part! Soiling can reduce the production in the units of kilowatt hours the panel used to produce! And also, stating the law of nature true, the devices are bound to undergo at least 1% degradation on its efficiency every year, more in cloudy countries!

What can be done if your roofing needs a change???

During re-roofing or damage repair, the solar panel needs to be uninstalled! Branded companies generally cover a few number of solar panel re-installations depending on the intervals. For other cases, yes, you have to get it installed from your very pocket! But how often can that happen. Not a big issue to worry about!

Are deal packages better?

Dealers who offer a complete package inclusive of buying, installation and maintenance are best for big purchasers. Often they provide trained installers who guide you through all the dos and don’ts of the system! However, for first time users who indulge in purchases of smaller solar panels enabled items like solar cells, water heaters, cookers etc might find it cheap to opt out of a package deal. For obvious reasons, not indulging in deals won’t be much of a problem as not much of maintenance work is needed in such cases.

The solar pannels are clean, environment friendly devices that can cut down huge on your electricity bills! Owing to the incentives and rebates, the per unit pay for solar power has been reduced to less than a dollar! Exciting! It is the best time to stop worrying and head for solar power enabled devices!